Richard Bolstad offers international "NLP Trainer, IN" trainings

in Poland, New Zealand and Egypt.

At the Master Trainer Meeting in Paris he would like to discuss synergies in conducting international Trainer Trainings for NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Constellation, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. In Berlin we accepted his 3 days training "NLP & Spirituality" as part of our "NLP Trainer, IN" training for Richard has such a high professional expertise in presenting inspiring methapors and scientific data in the steps he afterwards presents for the NLP intervention.
You find trainings from Richard alread all over the world. Please check here:

Trainings to change the World

At his website he explains his version of Trainer Trainings: The ultimate steps on your NLP journey are the most exciting of all! Transformations NLP Trainer Certification is run in two sections. The first section is called the NLP Instructor Training, and is open to any NLP Practitioner who has done the Transforming Communication Basic Seminar.
The first section certifies you as an Instructor of the Transforming Communication Basic seminar and the Keys to Success weekend. From the start of your career as a trainer, you'll provide your seminar participants with international NLP certification and life transforming skills.
The second section of the Trainer Training is called the NLP Trainer Intensive, and is open only to NLP Master Practitioners, who have done the first section and who began their NLP training at least 2 years before the start of the Trainer Intensive.
There are several outside-course requirements for trainees to achieve Certification as an NLP Trainer, apart from the NLP Trainer Intensive. Write to us as soon as possible, at to find out how you can complete these.


Please visit his website for more info:

You find there as well many high quality free articles and audios.

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