Training for offering Mindfulness online

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Karl Nielsen

Karl Nielsen

"Hypnosis Master Trainer, WHO"

Training for offering Mindfulness online

Our Mindfulness association appoints “Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me”

The name of our association is „Institutes for Mindfulness Evolving (In-Me)“
Our seal entitled "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" brings our new NLP and Coaching based Mindfulness approach to the world. Right now much more Mindfulness is highly needed and many doors (e.g.: schools, state authorities, and companies) are already open for Mindfulness trainings. 

Here are the qualification details:
For NLP Master:
For Mindfulness experts:
Here are the curricula:
Here is training feedback:

NLP and Mindfulness have much in common
Much of the basic thinking of the most famous Mindfulness approach of Jon Kabat-Zinn is anyway part of the fundamental philosophy of our NLP and Coaching: listen to the wisdom of your unconscious, don’t believe everything your brain tells you, you are so much more than just your thoughts and emotions,…
And we from the NLP world have developed so much expertise to talk with the unconscious, to work on fascinating goals, to change harming believes,… so that we can add a new quality of intensity to normal Mindfulness trainings. 

How you can become a “Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me”
The entrance qualification for being appointed as "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" is "Mindfulness Trainer, In-Me" or "Mindfulness Teacher, In-Me". For "Mindfulness Trainer, In-Me" the entrance qualification is "NLP Master, IN" (or comparable or higher qualifications). For "Mindfulness Teacher, In-Me" the entrance qualification is a Bachelor's degree in Social Science or comparable life experience plus intensive experience in Mindfulness. 

Then they can offer our Mindfulness trainings. The 30 hours of training over a minimum of 8 weeks for "Mindfulness Basic, In-Me" or "Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me" can be offered in the form of 5 training days or 10 evenings with 3 hours each or any other reasonable combination). During the 8 weeks, the participants have 1 hour of exercise each day. Please watch for the basic ideas in the following video:  

Who is the trainer?
Karl Nielsen conducts the Coaching for this training. After completing the training successfully, the participants receive a certificate as “Mindfulness Trainer, In-Me” or "Mindfulness Teacher, In-Me" and can apply for a seal entitled “Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me”

About the training
The main training content for the qualifications "Mindfulness Trainer, In-Me" and "Mindfulness Teacher, In-Me" is presenting a detailed Mindfulness Training Concept for the target group, a marketing strategy for the target group, handouts, and relevant audios (e.g. following your breath, body scan, guided fantasy) and videos (e.g. yoga instructions) for conducting the Mindfulness training.

"Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" with the background as "NLP Master, IN" (or comparable or higher qualified) can conduct our "Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me" training.

"Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" with the background as "Mindfulness Teacher, In-Me"  can conduct our "Mindfulness Basic, In-Me" training.

More details are here.  

We decide together about the times for guidance, supervision and all kinds of questions.

The training costs 700 € (including 19% German VAT).

Please send an email with your experience in NLP and Mindfulness to:

Karl Nielsen

Comission: IN ICI WHO Trainer Training Project

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