Sakināh Concept - Amel Maaouia
  • "Hypnosis Practitioner, WHO"
Sakināh Concept - Amel Maaouia

Has achieved "Hypnosis Practitioner, WHO" at Alliance & Co , Psynapse Tunisia by Sehil Triki.


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Woman, mother, humanitarian, therapist and mystic, she has always  been walking the spiritual path and as a yogini she practices feminine embodied spirituality. She is the founder & managing director of Sakināh Concept : A healing-learning-thriving Platform dedicated to the Alternative Arts of Healing, an eco-friendly Brand & a Foundation in service of Mother Gaia & her Divine Beings.

After a professional life as a university lecturer in Canada and then in the international development and humanitarian field that allowed her to work with different vulnerable groups, to live and travel in several cities around the world, she has been called to stay in East Asia. It was there that she has been completely seized by the impact of the non-dual approaches in soul healing therapies.

She shares her experience of more than 15 years in the humanitarian and healing realm, including her work with women and girls in Africa and the Middle East. She is  fascinated by the depth of silence and animated by the presence and the availability to what IS. During a silent practice, she hears 'SAKINAH' (feminine word meaning inner peace, divine presence).

She is passing on, since then, with truthfulness and humility, through SAKINAH, the most beautiful of what life asked her to  offer.

About Sakināh Concept :

Sakināh; oracle of healing and depth catalyst, is about guiding women & men through transition, it is a journey of reintegration of the sacred within. It’s about honoring the precious gift of one’s instinctive mystical essence. It represents an opening for individuals to tap into their self-realization, revealing their inner beauty and unleashing their innate creativity to generate meaningful manifestations in line with the universal values.


Certified Practitioner in Feminine Healing Work - Fountain of Life, USA

Certified Women Group Facilitator Specialist - Awakening Women Institute, USA

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) - Intellect /ICF, Egypt

Registered Hypnotherapist (Ericksonian & Spiritual Hypnosis) Psynapse, Tunisia/France

Registered Yoga Instructor - 10 years of Teaching Experience ( Hatha Yoga Teacher - Yoga Shiva Peeth, Rishikesh - India / Iyengar Yoga Teacher - RIMYI,  Pune - India )

PhD Studies in Communication & Intercultural Psychology, Canada

MSc. International Development & Humanitarian Action, Canada

MSc. Public Communication for Development (C4D), Canada

BAA. Public Communication, Tunisia

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