Paula Trigo from Portugal interviewed by Karl Nielsen

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This interview was on our We-Evolve.World Facebook on 15 January 2021
Paula Trigo from Portugal was interviewed by Karl Nielsen from Germany

It is our Master Trainer Talk #6

The main topics of this interview are learning from each other and Xpanding for Humanity in the sense of the miracle to be human.

Her Institute is: XPAND PRO - Coaching, Training, and Consulting

Please listen to the very high expertise of Paula in this interview:

Paula talks about how much she enjoys learning in all areas of life. She shares her challenges and how she used them to reorganize her life for developing her inspiring project: "xpanding4humanity".

She loves to assist in other training to learn from other Master Trainers and has now always assisted trainers or participants who already passed successfully her trainings in her next training. For her this aspect of learning from each other is essential. So sometimes when she has a training with 30 participants she has up to 10 assisting participants from earlier trainings. So her new participants receive a very high amount of support from the experienced assisting participants.

With this high amount of assistance, she can offer all 3 participants someone who supports them and who gives them highly qualified feedback in their learning process. This is also a very successful approach when she uses Zoom online training.

She loves to support everyone to expand his consciousness to become a better human for himself and for everyone around him. This is her project "xpanding4humanity". She said in the interview: "It is all about personal growth, personal consciousness, growing together, sharing love, knowledge, experiences, and constructing a better world."

In this direction goes the founding idea of our associations, that Master Trainers learn with each other and from each other and that we help people to understand themselves and to understand how to realize the potential inside everyone for a better world.

Please visit her at her wonderful Institute in Portugal
XPAND PRO - Coaching, Training and Consulting

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